Do I have Aspergers?

Do I have Asperger Syndrome?

I have a son with Asperger’s Syndrome, and I love him deeply. I am very involved with his care.  Earlier this week I was reading the magazine of the National Autistic Society. I came across an article by Fiona Ritchie about mouth care. My own dental care has been sporadic. I have delayed going to the dentist after local anaesthetic failures made me anxious. I delayed contacting the hospital to arrange a surgery for removal of neglected teeth. Every time you mentioned teeth to me, I argued.

Bedroom Tax Information Page

What is the Bedroom Tax?

Find out more about the bedroom tax, the part of welfare reform that will cut the amount of benefit that people can get if they are considered to have a spare bedroom.

Welfare reforms will cut the amount of benefit that people can get if they are deemed to have a spare bedroom in their council or housing association home. This measure will apply from April 2013 to tenants of working age.

The power to do this is contained in the Welfare Reform Act 2012 and is commonly referred to as the bedroom tax, size criteria or under-occupation penalty.  (

Tonight I am grateful for the 6 weeks I spent living in a tent. Without those six weeks, for a start, I wouldn’t be as close to Penny as I am now. Which is a blessing in my life.


But what prompted me to write this is a horrific gust of wind and pounding rain on my window. I opened the window, got a faceful of rain, and quickly shut it.


I was very grateful for being able to shut that window, to have a shelter, to have gas central heating and warm radiators. To be sat in a house in a tshirt, sat on a sofa watching a tv. Without those 6 weeks in a tent, I would not be as grateful for the shelter over my head.


Thank you for the gift of non-complacency. 



Work from Starbucks

Work from home

Screw that. I work from Starbucks.

I love relaxing with a cauldron of coffee in a comfy sofa or armchair, whipping out my notepad and pencil and writing .  Other customers bring their expensive netbooks and laptops.  I have a tablet and a netbook but bring neither with me to Starbucks – I love to be able to doodle on the paper, drawing graphs.  Then they all go in my folder and come home for typing up.